Case studies


Every year BT produces a comprehensive report for its shareholders on the company’s performance and its plan for the following year. BT have a well-developed house style and tone of voice, which is used consistently in everything they write. I proofread the several hundred pages comprising this year’s shareholder report, after first having to familiarise myself with the style and tone of voice guidelines, to make sure they were being used correctly throughout.



Pepsi UK’s activation agency asked me to help them write two submissions for the IPM awards.  I was given an outline structure and some background information with supporting data about how the success of the brand activation. From this I was able to craft papers for submission into two awards categories, one of which went on to win silver.



MAKEMORE is a four-day-long festival, held in London’s Victoria Park and curated around the city’s maker movement. It will debut in 2018, so the founders asked me to come on board as a strategic consultant to help them define the festival’s core brand values and then use them to develop a campaign strategy that would target the right audience through the right touchpoints and tell the festival’s story in the most compelling way.

In order to build a strong brand that would stand out among the rest of the local festivals during a busy summer calendar in London, I analysed the existing consumer data and worked with the team to build robust metrics into the campaign that can be used to plug any gaps in their knowledge and help develop future messaging.  I’ve also worked closely with the creative team to make sure that all communications across all platforms represent the brand consistently.


Chelsea Upholstery & Interiors 

Chelsea Upholstery & Interiors is a high-end bespoke furniture maker. For the launch of their own furniture collection, they asked me to refresh the copy on their existing website, making sure it was SEO optimised. It was important to reflect the language conventions of the luxury furniture category while injecting a tone and personality into the copy that would convey the company’s authenticity and values, to set it apart from the competition.