I’m a writer and a brand consultant. 

For over ten years I’ve been a features writer for arts and music magazines; edited scripts and novels; written press releases and SEO copy for websites; and have proofread countless financial and governmental reports.

In those ten years I’ve also worked at some of the world’s biggest and best advertising agencies. I’ve looked after clients like BT, GSK, P&G, BBC and lots more whose names aren’t acronyms, like Holiday Inn, Vodafone and Braun. 

Now I help organisations and brands to communicate better. I do that in two ways: 

  1. As a consultant. By helping to define a brand’s tone of voice or its communications strategy, or by helping to develop a campaign around a particular message. 
  2. As a writer. I can create copy for all sorts of comms channels or, if the copy is already written, I can check it for spelling and grammatical errors and make sure it works hard as SEO copy.